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Tuk’n Through Beaches History

Tunes played through a booming speaker and onlookers waved while we cruised down the street in our unique ride. The lime green, 3-wheeled vehicle called a Tuk Tuk is likely familiar to a world traveler, as it serves an important transportation role in many countries – most famously, Europe and India. Our tour guide made jokes and pointed out several stunning structures that I, native to Jacksonville, had not previously noticed. Go Tuk’n fills a gap in our city as the only company offering tours of this type and they accomplish it well. You won’t be left with a dull moment as you zip through the area on one of the luxury Tuk Tuks.


Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Neptune Beach are treasure troves of historical information and trivia tidbits. Our first stop was the Beaches Museum where we were able to travel back in time right off Beach Boulevard. The museum was fascinating and set the stage for what was to come on our Tuk Tuk tour. After the museum, you’ll see homes built by popular architects of the day and inhabited by the rich and famous. You’ll learn about the area’s vibrant history as your tour guide paints a picture of the Beaches in years gone by. Go Tukn’s Beaches City Tour is perfect for history buffs, those interested in unique architectural styles and details, lifelong learners, and those who want a matchless and fun learning experience. The Beaches City Tour is 3-hours long but as I rode and learned in the Tuk Tuk, wind in my hair, I barely felt the time passing.


Tuk Tuks are USA manufactured, environmentally friendly, 3-wheeled vehicles that can fit up to five (5) adults or parties of six (6), if children are included. Groups as large as 18 people can be accommodated. While I wouldn’t recommend the three hour Beach City Tour for kids, Go Tuk’n offers other options for families to enjoy and learn about our beaches communities and history. Take a look at the kids beaches historical tour as a great alternative.


As the only Tuk Tuk Tour & Private Event company in Florida, you get the opportunity to have a unique experience in Jacksonville. Even better, Go Tuk’n solves the old question…What things are there to do in Jacksonville? Tours are available 7 days a week and run at designated departure times. There is even a pickup service from various hotels in the area for a small fee. Without hesitation, I’d recommend GoTukn’s Beaches City Tour to anybody with a love for the past, those curious about the unique buildings and houses in the area, or anybody looking to enjoy a gentle sea breeze and entertaining ride through Jax’s Beaches.


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