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Go Tuk’n Tour Guide – Part Time

$10 to $13 per hour plus tips

Go Tuk’n, Inc. is seeking gregarious tour guides/drivers for their company headquartered in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Our tour guides will be doing tours at the Beaches and in Riverside/Avondale/Downtown. Specialty events could happen in multiple locations around our communities.

This is a great part-time opportunity for someone who has a passion for storytelling, the brewery scenes, theatrics, history and architecture. Don’t worry we will teach you the historical and architecture details – must be willing to learn it though. Must be people-oriented (including kids) and want to give the highest level of customer service possible. Flexible shifts available which makes this ideal for those who want flexibility in picking up shifts. Eventually could lead to full-time.

Major Duties include:

Tour guides drive our amazing three-wheel luxury Tuk Tuk’s. Tour Guides provide our guests with an amazing experience first and foremost. These experiences are excursion level actives such as pub crawls, historical and architectural tours, kids tours and more being added regularly. Speciality events (birthday parties, wedding shuttles, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate team buildings, conventions and much more).

Each tour requires certification which we will provide for our employees. Drivers will be evaluated by their ratings received on Trip Advisor, company surveys and the like.

Qualifications for the Job:

  • Minimum age: 22 to 70. 70 and above must have a medical release from a doctor.
  • Must be able to pass an online defensive drivers course, provided by the company.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license and pass a background & drug screening test prior to being hired.
  • People Oriented, including children
  • High level of verbal skills is preferred
  • Extreme customer service skills
  • Trustworthy & Dependable
  •  Must be able bodied and able to get in and out of our Tuk Tuk’s easily
  •  Lifting requirements: less than 25 Ibs.

Within the last 36 months, the tour guide must not have more than:

  •   1 violation and 2 accidents
  •   2 moving violations and 1 accident
  •   3 moving violations and no accidents
  •   No driver may have any serious violations (i.e., DUI, suspended drivers license, auto felony convictions, or other serious violations).

Preferred but not limited to:

  •   Gregarious personalities to interact with our guests and conduct storytelling along the way.
  •   Knowledge of local breweries, bars, wine information, historical significance in our areas would be a great! We can teach you about them all if you are willing to learn too.

So apply today so you get be a part of this amazing company and start your Tuk’n career!

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