A trail that has craft beer is the best trail of all!

Jacksonville, Florida’s brewery scene is HOPPING (see what I did there?!)! Our Visit Jacksonville team came up with a way to reward you for going to check out our amazing craft breweries. It is called the Jax Ale Trail Passport book.   

Where can you pick up one of these passport books? So glad you asked. Most of the breweries have them as do the Visit Jax welcome centers. You can also grab them from any of our Go Tuk’n Tour Guides!  

Why should you get a passport book anyway? Well, to put it simply, you can get free stuff!  Visit various Jacksonville breweries, drink their amazing beer, and get the book stamped - it’s that easy. All you have to do is mail in the passport book to the Visit Jax center. 

What you really want to know is, how good are our Jacksonville Craft Breweries? We may be a little biased, but they are damn good. In fact, many of them have won awards for their beer. Each of our breweries is unique in their location, structure, interior design elements, and, of course, their beer. Many of them also have more than just beer - ciders, wines, sours, beer slushies, and other creative adult beverages are frequently flowing.  

What we find the most notable is the continued support they give each other. 2020 was a doozie for many of us. Especially those of us who rely on people going places and consuming products. The breweries were hit hard and I, for one, am so glad our friends at the breweries are back up and running. We’re not through it yet though. They still need people coming in, sipping their beer, and showing support! 

So, what can you do to help the breweries? We have a perfect solution. Our Jax Urban Core Brewery Tour is a 3-hour tour taking you to 5 out of 9 of the breweries we collaborate with. That means you can go on two different tours to go to all 9 of the breweries. Book the Downtown Jacksonville Brewery Tour with us and you get to hop on an authentic European Tuk Tuk, grab some brews at each location and even grab some to go. Yep, that’s right. You can drink along the way in the tuk tuks! Since you’ll be purchasing what you like at each stop, those dollars are going straight to each brewery. A win-win for everyone!  

So, come join us on a Tuk’n Brewery Adventure and get ready to get those Jax Ale Trail Passport books stamped!  

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