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What the Heck is a Tuk Tuk??

Our bright green Tuk Tuks zip around Downtown Jacksonville, Avondale, Riverside, and the Beaches of Jacksonville to provide exciting tours and more to the First Coast. But you may be wondering: What the heck is a Tuk Tuk? If you see one of our Tuks rolling past, your first guess might be that it is a golf cart of some sort. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Our three-wheeled, eco-friendly Tuks have been used as a form of transportation and touring since 1934 in some parts of the world. Go Tuk’n is the first Tuk Tuk tour, private event and urban transportation provider in Florida. Our Tuk Tuks have festive LED lights, are electric and eco-friendly, and they are Department of Transportation certified as a road safe-vehicles. Go Tuk’n utilizes the only USA manufactured luxury Tuk Tuks and they hold up to 6 guests per Tuk Tuk. Our vehicles are perfect for a touring, transporting and exploring any time of year!

Manufactured in Denver, Colorado, these open-air vehicles are wonderful for anytime in Florida’s. We have heated seats, fuzzy blankets, and weather protection covers that make this an excursion that can happen any day of the year. Further, Go Tuk’n offers many experiences from kids tours to brewery and more tours, meaning there is a Tuk Tuk adventure for everyone.

What separates the Tuk Tuk experience from other tour companies is the atmosphere of fun we create. Our dedicated team of knowledgable tour guides keep the excitement and learning going. And, we are locally owned and operated! Yep – two native Floridians (wife and husband duo) actually own Go Tuk’n. This combination is sure to keep you coming again and again to tour with Go Tuk’n. To book one of our standard tours, go to to book. For a customized tour or shuttle question, please call Go Tuk’n: 904.322.8444 option 1.

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