The Basic Mobile Bar Tuk service includes:

Serve Safe Bartenders
Number of bartenders needed is based on the size of the event.
Liquor Liability Insurance
One bartender included in the base pricing.
Environmentally friendly (It’s Electric) and no distracting noise
since we don’t need a generator
High Top table with a chandelier to provide a wonderful place for
guests to congregate or take pictures.
Multiple kegerators (coolers) to keep things at the perfect temperature.

Proper CO2/Nitrogen is included when you purchase the alcohol
through us. Otherwise we can quote you on the cost of these
required components.
Small speaker, when needed, to keep the party going at the bar.
Travel within Jacksonville included. All others are a small additional per mile fee (both directions)
3-hour service minimum
For those in Georgia, we cannot purchase the alcohol for you but
we can still be the bartenders with our mobile bar tuk.

Tuk’n Bar Cart:

Want to include a full-service bar at your venue? We have an additional Tuk’n Bar Cart just for this purpose.

We can purchase the wine-based spirits (120 proof) or you can purchase the name brand alcohol to serve your guests. We will help you figure out the quantities you will need based on the size of your party and what else you will be serving. What comes with it?
Mobile Alcohol cart furnished
Safe Serve Bartender Number needed will be based on the number of guests for the event.
Liquor Liability Insurance
All drink making utensils
Small speaker, when needed, to keep the party going at the bar!
3-hour service minimum

Additional staff (required for over 50 people or bottle service for champagne or wine) is $25 to $40/hour (depending on the types of drinks served).

Mobile bar Tuk Basic package (does not include the cost of the alcohol)$575
Extra time for the mobile bar$150 / Hour
Tuk’n Bar Cart basic package (does not include the cost of the alcohol)$250
Extra time for the Tuk’n Bar Cart$100 / hour
Per mile fee (outside of Jacksonville, both directions)$1.25 / mile
Additional staff$25 to $40 / hour
Extra Extra!

Cups (plastic or glass)
Bottle service for champagne, when requested, is available. This will require additional bartenders.
Garnishments based on drinks requested will be price per guest once determined. Ice based on drinks and number of guests.


We can purchase beer, wine, champagne (yes wine and champagne can come in a keg too) or wine-based spirits. We will consult with you on the beverages of choice you want to serve your guests.


Can I serve both beer & wine out of the mobile bar tuk?

Yes. You can either do 4 different beers; 4 different wines/champagnes; 2 beers or 2 wine/champagnes.

I don’t have too many wine or champagne drinkers attending my event. What are my options for them?

We can help you choose wine/champagne by the bottle. You will need to purchase these by the case but any leftovers are yours to keep.

What if I only want one beer served?

We can do that as well but the number of kegs needed will be based on the number of guests you have. But we will help you figure it all out!

I’m on information overload. Help?

Request the Mobile Bar

Some things are best with a simple call, meeting or even emails. So email or call us to book a meeting or get things clarified.

Please call or email for more information or to book.

starting at $125