Mobile Bar

Tuk Tuk Mobile Bar

Mobile Tuk Tuk Bar

  • This unique bar is eco-friendly which means it can go inside or outside depending on your event needs. No gas, no oil, and no loud generator. 
  • 1 to 4 taps to serve the kegs you want to your guests. The built in kegerators keep your product the perfect temperatures. Plus, her built in table with Chandelier make for the perfect Sip & Selfie ™ station.
Rustic Bar Cart

Flower Bar Cart

  • This unique bar can handle up to two kegs and serve other hand pour drinks for your guests.
  • This is a great bar if you are interested in providing cocktail options to your guests. It is the perfect set-up for the bartenders to create top-notch beverages.
Tuk'n Bar Cart

Tuk’n® Bar Cart

  • This is perfect for small gatherings of less than 25 people or for adding on an additional bar to help serve guests – the more bars, the more beverages flowing!


Planning Your Event

Do I have to use one of the mobile bars?

No, you are able to hire our bartenders without one of the mobile bars. However, we need to know the bar arrangement prior to the date of the event. If your venue has a bar set-up, we can work with your wedding planner and the venue to make sure we know how to best serve your guests.

What can be served via the mobile tuk tuk bar?

Anything in a keg basically! Beer, wine, champagne, seltzers and ciders. We even offer a Nitrogen Cold Brew.

Can I serve both beer & wine out of the tuk tuk bar?

Yes, you can serve both beer and wine at the same time! We set the mobile bar up differently for each beverage combo, so please get in touch to chat about what you have in mind.

What if I don’t see the beer I want listed?

The beers that we’ve listed are frequent purchases, but we can get any beer this is distributed in the United States!

Just tell us what you are looking for and we can price it for you. Pricing is subject to change up to 2 months prior to the event when your final invoice is sent for the products being served to your guests. This allows you to take advantage of any sales the distributors are having too.

What if I only want a single beverage served?

We can do that! The number of kegs or cases needed will be determined by the number of guests you have. We will work with you to figure out the details.

I want a signature cocktail for my event. How do we go about doing this with you?

There are a couple of ways. If you know what you want and don’t see it on the list, just ask. We can accommodate.

If you want to create a special pre-wedding signature cocktail-making event for a small wedding party or guest list, we can arrange this as well at one of our favorite spots or distilleries. We can make this a “thing” just for your day. Then everyone can vote on the ones they like the best. It is a great way to have some extra fun. Once you book via your “hold the date” invoice, then we can discuss dates for this fun gathering!

If I want particular alcohol served, can you accommodate?

The short answer is yes. We can help facilitate the purchase of the particular alcohol you want for your guests, we will help you determine the quantity, pick-up for the event, etc. We work with a great liquor store that has amazing prices so we can price it out based on today’s pricing but will do the final pricing about 2 months prior to the event, allowing for best sales at the time of purchase. We will have you pay the liquor store directly. Please note, certain prices for the base of the cocktails may change as well.

I don’t want to buy cases of wine, champagne or beer. What else can we do?

We can utilize our house brand products to serve your guests. We charge a per bottle pricing, of which you will know the amount prior to the event. Anything we open to serve your guests is what you will pay for at the end of the night. We will keep track of everything we open for your guests. And we will not pre-open any bottles unless your guest want to drink it. It is a win-win for most smaller events (50 or less).

I'm having a party at my house, can you help me with this event?

Yes we can! We can help you plan the right bar to use as well as the best way to serve your guests adult beverages. We’ve utilized our mobile tuk tuk bar in driveways and yards for larger events. The Tuk’n® Bar Cart is a cute way to serve hand poured products for smaller events (25 people or less).

When should I utilize the Flower Bar Cart for my event?

Well, there are many reasons to utilize this bar instead of our other bars! Let’s talk some basics details…

  • If the venue’s event space is upstairs and they do have a service elevator, then you would want to use the Flower Bar Cart. Even with a service elevator, it will not hold the weight of the mobile tuk tuk bar (it is over 3,000 pounds without any beverages in it).
  • If you want to serve your guests mainly wine, beer, champagne (hand poured products) then this bar is a great fit plus it is a beautiful addition to any décor used at events.
  • If you want to only serve 1 or 2 keg products, this is a good one to use but most people still use the mobile tuk tuk bar when serving any kegged products.
  • If your event has a small area (such as a theater setting), this is an ideal bar to utilize. It gives our team plenty of space to work to bring your guests a great time.

During Your Event

Can we do a cash bar for my event?

Well, that depends. In Florida, the law does not allow for cash bars unless you have a full liquor on-premise license, catering (meaning they earn more than 50% of their sales from food sales). So certain venues can do a cash bar but for mobile bars, they cannot. Most of those venues do not allow outside bartenders or vendors. They want to earn revenue from the sale of alcohol too. We don’t blame them – their license was super $$$$$$$$.

The only exception to this rule is when the mobile bar is working with a non-profit organization and it is the beneficiary for the profits from the sale of the alcohol. I’m sure a liquor lawyer could site all the line items of the law but basically, we say YES when our non-profit Go Tuk’n® Charities, Inc. is the recipient of this wonderful act of kindness and generosity.  Want to learn more about our non-profit? Please visit for more information.

Can my guests tip the bartenders?

Heck yeah! We don’t expect it but of course, cash, Venmo, or Cash App tips are always greatly appreciated at events! We will have both a tip jar at the event and also a sign with the Venmo and Cash App instructions.

I am utilizing the house wine/beer option for my event. How do we make sure my tab at the end of the event is not too much since I am trying to say on a budget?

We will work with you to determine the maximum amount you are comfortable spending on the house products we can serve your guests. And that is the amount we will bring to the event. So once those products are done then they are really done. This will help you stay within the budget you are comfortable with spending for your event.

How do you ensure only drinking age guests are consuming alcohol?

We do card individuals during events. You would need to make sure you let your guests know in advance that we will card anyone under 30 years of age before serving them. Why?

Our license requires that we serve only those individuals that are 21+ years of age. And if we are not sure of someone’s age, we will card them. It doesn’t take long and of course, once we card them, we will remember that they are of age unless it is a huge event. With really large outdoor events, we have a process that we will utilize special booth to check Id’s and give out wrist bands. This helps speed up the process for the bartenders to make sure everyone they are serving is of age.

We want to serve shots during our event. Will you do this?

The short answer is yes. A couple of notes:

  • You need to check with your venue. Most venues do not allow (due to their insurance rules) shots of distilled alcohol to be served on their property.
  • We will cut off individuals that have overindulged.

What happens if we run out of beverages during the event?

The consultation process is an important part of planning your event and we will work with you to avoid this situation as best as possible.

That being said, all alcohol provided by Go Tuk’n® must be purchased in advance. We cannot legally purchase products from a store and then sell those products to you to serve guests. You can, however, purchase additional beverages on your own to serve at the event.

After Your Event

What happens to the left over product in the kegs?

If requested in advance, we can bring growlers to fill for your and your guests. They will be sealed as required by State Law. The growlers are $12 each. Otherwise, all leftover product goes back to the distributor.

Can you leave the kegs with us?

Unfortunately, we cannot. Our license requires us to take all products we bring with us back with us to ensure we know who is consuming the product. Plus, we are charged a retainer fee by each distributor and need to return those kegs to receive our deposit back.

We have purchased cases of products, what happens if there are any leftovers? Are we able to return any of them?

Unfortunately, no. There is no way to return cases of products due to the State of Florida Alcohol rules. It is considered a type of “on consignment” practice which is outlawed. We know it is strange – we don’t make the rules, we just follow them!

We can either help the person responsible get the remaining product loaded up in their vehicle or we can pre-arrange to temporarily store it at our office. If you would like us to plan on storing any leftover product, this must be discussed prior to the event.

Do you clean up the bar area?

Yes, we do. We typically empty the trash throughout the event to ensure the bar area is kept in a great working condition throughout. We then do a final clean-up to remove all the trash in the bar area only – we are not responsible for the rest of the venue. The 1 hour tacked on the end of the event is to allow us time to clean up, load up, and head out!

Mobile Bar Reviews

They were professional and so friendly to our guests. We had so many people ask about their services.

Shelby W.