Jacksonville Team Building & Corporate Events

Jacksonville Team Building

Scavenger Hunt + Brewery Tour Combo

Now we are Tuk’n® Talkin’ – beer and a competitive scavenger hunt. Oh yeah – your team is gonna Tuk’n® love it! We always do the scavenger hunt first and then it is off to 2 or 3 craft breweries. 

Want to make sure you feed the team too? No problem, just call us and we can suggest which brewery to get catering brought in to feed the troops. 

Don’t like beer? No problem, let’s make it a cocktail tour instead.

Learn more about the Scavenger Hunt and Brewery Tour Combo.


per person

per tuk tuk (6 participants)


3 hours

4 participants

*Beverages are not included in the booking price
**2+ tuk tuk have a 20% gratuity built into the price

Progressive Dinner

Want to impress and show appreciation for your Board of Directors? OR what about your top sales team? This 4 to 5 hour unique dinner tour is a wonderful way to spend time together. From craft cocktails at a local distillery, appetizers and entrées at some unique & delicious restaurants to the mouthwatering top rated desserts in town (and maybe some after-dinner drinks too). We can work with you on your budget, food allergies, food preferences and more for your culinary options.

Learn more about the Progressive Dinner.


up to 6 individuals

up to 12 individuals


4+ hours

12 participants

*Gratuity is included. Food and beverages are not included in the booking price.

“I Dare You” Scavenger Hunt

What the Tuk is happening! This fast paced, point based (and competitive) Go Tuk’n® adventure is a fan favorite. You will walk away with a ton of pics of your team event automatically since they have to take pics of everything they do.

Learn more about the “I Dare You” Scavenger Hunt”.


per person

per tuk tuk (6 participants)


75 minutes

4 participants

Jacksonville Corporate Events

Do you like to throw parties at your office? OR want to do a Corporate tailgate party? Go Tuk’n® can help with these as well. We are one of the only mobile bars in NE Florida with a license to purchase direct from distributors. This means, we deal with all the kegs, liquor, mixers and more for you. And we have multiple unique bars to choose from: Mobile Tuk Tuk Bar with 4 taps; Flower Bar Cart to help service drinks and then the smallest of bars is called the “Tuk’n® Bar cart” to help smaller companies provide unique experiences for their employees and clients.

And our office is one of THE closest lots near the TIAA Stadium. You can rent out the lot and we can help you turn it into the best Tuk’n® tailgating event the team has seen. Then walk right across to the East side of the stadium entrances.

get in touch with our team

Need additional help planning your corporate event? The Go Tuk’n® team is here to help! Please let us know the following information about your event and we will work with you on next steps. It’s not a problem if you don’t know everything just yet, the only required fields are your name and email. We look forward to creating a Tuk’n® great experience for your team!


How many people can you accommodate?

Since we are talking about team buildings, you typically need a minimum of 6 people for many of the team building type tours. But if you want to only utilize our open-air vehicles, than the max would be 29 people. If you want to throw in our Tuk’n Bus then we can accommodate up to 43 guests. 

But maybe you only have 12 guests and you want to do something a little more upscale (such as our Progressive Dinner tour), then we can even use our Mercedes Sprinter Limo Party Bus to pick-up your group and then go from there. 

So if you want more ideas or solutions, just give us a call to chat at (904) 322-8444 press option 1.

What do I need to do ahead of time?

You need to book which Go Tuk’n tour you want to do. If you are doing one of the drinking tours, you might consider pre-ordering Uber/Lyft tickets to give to your team so they don’t have to worry about driving. Then you’ll want to make sure the team knows to be in comfortable attire, wear slip-resistant shoes, and get ready for a Tuk’n great time!

What is your cancellation policy?

Things come up we know. But…Group events have longer cancellation policies since we’ve blocked out other tours to accommodate your group. Group tours require a 2-week cancellation notice. We will be glad to give you a store credit for those needing to reschedule their group event if given notice less than 2 weeks of the event. We cannot process refunds for last minute group cancellations that occur less than 2 weeks before your event. Let’s face it, as a small business, we’ve blocked others from being able to book their tour to ensure we can accommodate your group.

Why is it important to do team building?

We could give you the normal answers of team morale, increasing communication between members, increase collaboration and helps to mitigate risk. But since we are Go Tuk’n, we would rather say because they deserve it. They are busting their Tuk’n butts to help you grow YOUR company (insert team, sales numbers, etc.) so don’t they deserve a little something extra to say you are recognizing their efforts? OR maybe you are a new team, no better time than now to break the ice with a Go Tuk’n experience.

What are the five stages of team building?

Dr. Tuckman created a model that is taught throughout more Learning & HR teams: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing & Adjourning. Now isn’t that doctorate way of saying groups of people need to get to know their individual & unique ways of adjusting to being thrown into a group together. Seriously, teams do actually go through these stages (some more quickly than others). But why not think outside the box by going on a unique team building adventure with Go Tuk’n.

Jacksonville Team Building Reviews

What a great team building experience. We utilized the “I dare you” scavenger hunt as an ice breaker for a training course and it was fantastic. Watching grown adults enjoy themselves as children was great. Toni and the rest of the crew were very accommodating and just truly amazing people all around. Would highly recommend for a fun and different experience.

Drew U.