Jacksonville Art Tour

Our Certified Public Jacksonville Art Tour in collaboration with ArtRepublic Global will allow our customers to understand the inspiration & the artist behind the public art pieces, all from the comfort of our authentic tuk tuk. We have access to information, details, and even hidden away locations for special pieces. 2-hour and 3-hour tours available.

Certified Public Art Tour

“This tour makes us and the artists themselves proud to have Go Tuk’n bring this tour to our city. This will allow locals and visitors alike to see the works of art we have so passionately contributed to our city. The word “tour” doesn’t do this experience justice.”
Jessica Santiago, CEO ArtRepublic Global

The Certified Public Art Tour is the first of its kind collaboration with the renowned ArtRepublic Global. Go Tuk’n is proud to be the certified provider of this in-depth experience of our public art throughout the Urban Core  – Downtown Jacksonville, Springfield, Riverside, Avondale, and San Marco.

You will not only see the art itself but you will learn about the artists and the inspiration behind each and every piece. By continuously collaborating with ArtRepublic Global, Go Tuk’n will maintain our ongoing knowledge of new pieces of artwork, the accuracy of the information is straight from the artists themselves and allows us to give back to our artist community. Our city has been blessed with so many amazing pieces of art, we cannot wait for you to experience each of them up close and personal.

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Go Tuk’n gives money back to ArtRepublic Global with each and every tour.

2-Hour Tour 3-Hour Tour
ages 13+
$48 $60
ages 3-12
$21 $26
1 Private Tuk
6 people
$264 $330
2 Private Tuks
12 people
$528 $660
3 Private Tuks
18 people
$792 $990
4 Private Tuks
24 people
$1056 $1320

Art Tour Photo Gallery


We had such an enjoyable afternoon with our guide, Toni, Going Tuk’n all over the Historic downtown areas of Riverside and Avondale. Toni was such a warm and engaging guide, as well as very knowledgeable about Jacksonville. She provided us with lots of history about the area. If you are visiting Jacksonville, this is definitely an area to see, and Tuk’n is the way to go! You will learn so much and have so much fun! Thank you, Toni! Our tour with you was a highlight of our time spent in Jacksonville!

Tiff Now

The tuk tuk experience comes to the US with an exciting twist and the safety customers expect from a fun vehicle like this one. Just an amazing experience and our drive / guide Debbie was endearing. One of the most memorable and wonderful times we have ever had.


Such an awesome experience! Our driver was so fun and made sure we were all comfy for the ride. The seats were heated and blankets were provided so that we all stayed cozy and warm. If you are looking for a fun way to tour the area then this is definitely the way to go!

Jamie T


Who is ArtRepublic Global?

Jacksonville is blessed to have a company whose sole purpose is to bring artists together with organizations to help change cultures through their medium.

Can I just walk to see these pieces on my own?

Jacksonville is not a walkable city. We are the largest landmass city in the United States. The art is spread out across many areas of Jacksonville’s Urban Core. Instead, you get the opportunity to ride in a luxury tuk tuk. In addition, our certified tour guides have had to study each piece of artwork, the inspiration with every piece and this is not something you can do on your own.

Are there picture taking opportunities?

Yes, you’ll be able to take plenty of pictures all along the route.

What if it rains?

We do go out rain or shine since we are in covered vehicles. However, lightning could impact the tour.

What to bring?

Water, sunscreen and a great attitude for learning and doing something super unique.