Steph Dale
Steph Dale, Chief Tuk’n Officer

Steph is certainly passionate about making a difference in the community and supporting other local businesses. After 30+ years in Corporate America, it was important to build a brand that showed off all the great things about our City and still have a blast doing it. Steph has a background in hospitality with various luxury hotel brands. Steph also owns her own full service travel agency called Carte Blanche Vacations, Inc. dba/ Cruise Planners – Steph Dale & Associates.

Steve Dix
Steven Dix, Chief Financial Officer

(our not so silent, silent, CFO). Steven is a full-time electrical engineer by day. But always helping us keep our tuk tuks rolling and the financials. Steven also was a bartender for years while he put himself through engineering school.

Jacksonville Driver on Tuk Tuk
Toni Piper, Operations Manager

Toni is our amazing operations manager. Toni manages all the tour guides, helps to create our various routes, training scripts and so much more. Toni is an award winning tour guide herself and our guests simply just love her!