How To Set Up A Perfect Wedding Bar

There is so much to consider when it comes to your wedding reception, not the least of which is the drinks. The wedding bar undoubtedly gets lots of traffic and a good set-up can make your reception the most memorable event of the year. 

Here are our top tips for setting up the perfect wedding bar:

  1. Communicate With The Venue
  2. Do Something Unique
  3. Carefully Select Your Beverages
  4. Pick A Stellar Bartender
  5. Don’t Forget The Finishing Touches

Communicate With Your Venue

Before signing any contracts, check with the venue about their rules related to your event bar. Some items to consider include their bar setup, alcohol policy, and staffing requirements.

Setting Up The Perfect Mobile Bar - What To Ask The Venue

Do Something Unique

Make your wedding bar unique - and we mean more than just the drinks you serve! A mobile bar is a great way to bring something fun and unexpected to your wedding. We’re a little biased, but the Go Tuk’n mobile bar is one of the best in Northeast Florida! The 4-tap bar is built on an eco-friendly tuk tuk straight from Amsterdam - i.e. no generators or gas needed to keep beverages flowing throughout your reception. Beer, wine, seltzers and other products can be served through the tap system. If you already have a bar you love, we also offer a standard bartending service. 

Check us out on Instagram (@tuknwineandtaps) to see the mobile bar in action!

As an added bonus, we are one of the only mobile bars with the license to purchase directly from distributors, meaning less work and less money for you. Speaking of alcohol...

Carefully Select Your Beverages

A few questions to keep in mind as you are planning your wedding bar:

  • Are you planning on having a specialty cocktail? If so, we offer some fun ways to help you and your fiancé create your very own cocktail. One option would be to put a group together to take the Jax Drinking Experience Tour. We would set up 4 different craft cocktail locations for you to visit and everyone could vote on their favorite renditions. Or, schedule a private adventure at one or two local distilleries to create your very own & certainly unique couple’s cocktails. 
  • Do you want champagne served at your wedding? And, as a follow up, does it really need to be champagne or do you just want bubbles? The price points can be very different. You’ll also want to consider if you’d like to have a toast and, if so, how formal of an event you’d like it to be. 
  • Are there any other beverages you absolutely have to have? Beer, seltzer, ciders, standard cocktails - there’s a lot to consider! We recommend providing at least a few options so you have something to suit everyone’s tastes!
  • What food are you serving? You should consider your catering menu in the selection of your beverages as well. For instance, if you are having BBQ, a wonderful Sangria (Red and White) helps bring out the flavoring. AND you can dress up the glasses with fruit for a relatively inexpensive addition. Can you tell we love our Sangria over here?
  • Do not forget water. Okay, this is not a question. But it is a very important reminder to consider non-alcoholic beverages ahead of time.
  • How many guests are you expecting? You’ll want to plan on each guest consuming 3 drinks each. Some will drink less and some will drink more. Time of year matters as well - guests tend to drink more in warmer weather. Once again, don’t forget the water!

Pick Your Bartender

Make sure your bartenders are educated and certified. They will ensure your guests have a great time without having too great of a time. These bartenders know how to graciously ask for ID and also how to help certain guests choose water over the next adult beverage. They can handle those situations for you so you don’t have to worry about “Uncle Bob” getting out of hand at your wedding. 

Finishing Touches

With so much else going on, it can be easy to overlook the small details. Don’t forget items such as napkins, cups, and garnishes in your planning and budgeting. Professional bartenders should not re-use cups (perfect scenario for cross-contamination to occur - yuck!), so prepare to have one cup per person per drink being utilized for your event. The venue may also dictate the type of drinkware and other items you bring in. Many venues prefer non-breakable glasses these days for the safety of your guests. Remember, overcommunication with your venue is not a bad thing!

So, take your time and really determine your priorities at your wedding reception. Your wedding bar will get more use than any other part of your reception so make it as unique as you are and then let the fun begin!

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