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Jax Urban Core Brewery & More Tour

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Check Out the Heart of Jax

Heart of Downtown, Springfield, Riverside, Avondale, San Marco, Brooklyn Areas & More

Jacksonville’s craft brewery scene is competing with not only others in our state but across the country. Our Urban Core has some of the most unique and different breweries and tap rooms in our area. You could also get to experience places that serve well-drinks or wine as well on this customized tour. So if you love beer, ciders, wine, well drinks – okay if you like to have a few cocktails, then you are going to love the Go Tuk’n Jax Urban Core Brewery & More tour.

What does something bold, a dog, a wolf, vodka/gin/whisky, a young entrepreneurial woman, three-stories of options and more all have in common? Well join us for this tour and you’ll get to experience what they all have in common.