Whether you are planning a small wedding reception or have decided on a completely unique wedding venue, a mobile bar is a perfect way to make your reception shine! Here are our top 3 reasons to consider a mobile bar rental:

  1. They are great for any venue - bring the party to you!
  2. Let your personality shine! Most companies will allow you to decorate their mobile bar rental.
  3. There’s enough to worry about, let someone else take care of stocking the bar.

1. Welcome In Most Venues

Unlike traditional bartenders who do not provide the bar or the items required to serve up all your beverages, mobile bar rentals come complete to your location.

Go Tuk’n has an eco-friendly mobile bar built on a European vehicle called a tuk tuk. Without any oil, gas, or other harmful substances, we are able to go indoors or outside most venues.

2. Highly Customizable

You’ve chosen the unique wedding venue, now it’s time to fill in the details! If you find a timeless mobile bar, it can really stand on its own or be decorated to your specific taste.

Knowing mobile bars for weddings have to be highly customizable, we have taken it one step further. We designed our mobile bar tuk and Tuk’n Bar cart with easy-to-customize components that will help your large or small wedding reception stand out at a reasonable cost. In addition, these customizable emblems or bar fronts become yours to keep. If you prefer not to customize the bar, we made sure to keep our logos classy and timeless.

3. Less Stress

Running around town looking for beer, wine, and champagne is the last thing you need to be doing on your big day. Not to mention figuring out a way to keep everything the correct temperature and managing additional deposits. Many mobile bar rentals will be able to handle all of these details.

Go Tuk’n has the proper licensing to go to all the distributors to get your beer, wine, champagne, or seltzers for your big celebration. We take care of everything for you! And we mean everything: water is important to have at your mobile wedding bar, sodas for either mixed drinks or for those who do not drink alcohol and, don’t forget, you need someone who can calculate the right ice, cups, napkins and any other items you may need to help your bar be a memorable component of your wedding day.


When selecting your venue, be sure the venue will allow and support the best mobile bar rental for your reception. If you are not sure if a mobile wedding bar will work at the venue, give Go Tuk’n a call at (904) 322-8444 and we will be happy to work with your wedding planner and venue to ensure we can meet your wedding reception needs!

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August 07, 2020

What Is A Tuk Tuk?