Beaches Tours

Jacksonville Beach Tours Sunrise Bird

Did you know the beaches were first settled by the French Huguenots on the banks of the St. John’s River? Then for 200 years the Spanish reigned.  On the architect side of the beaches, did you know we have a famous underground house at the beach – well we do. It has been featured in many magazines and more. No boring lecture on this tour – just some fun facts about our beautiful area on the other side of the “ditch.”

Avondale/Riverside/Downtown Scenes

Jax Bridge Downtown

Downtown, Riverside and Avondale areas have so many stories to tell to our guests. From the most unique architectural features displayed in one area in the USA, to the significance of the St. Johns River to the settling of the United States by foreign settlers, to the great fire of Jacksonville and more. And of course, we have to mention the story of how we got our NFL team, the Jacksonville Jaguars.