So, What Is A Tuk Tuk?

Also known as an auto rickshaw, these vehicles became popular in Southeast Asia and have since made their way around the world. These three-wheeled, open-air vehicles are one of the most unique transportation methods and we love them! Read on to learn more about the history of tuk tuks and how they fit perfectly into our day to day lives.

Brief History of Tuk Tuks

The tuk tuk began as a two or three-wheeled cart pulled by another person. The oldest versions were noted to have started around 1879. The ones pulled by people or bikes are still known as rickshaws or pedicabs. The electric auto rickshaw, or tuk tuk, actually comes from the Tuk Tuk factory in Amsterdam and is the only USA DOT/street legal version of the auto rickshaw.

Tuk Tuks in the Modern World

Modern Tuk Tuks from Europe are eco-friendly vehicles and can be a much larger version of the original. Our larger, limo tuk tuks hold 6 passengers and can go from 70 to 100 miles per charge with our commercial-grade batteries. The most recent article from Smart Cities Dive highlights the modern electric rickshaw and how they are a key part of micro-transit movement in our country. We recently partnered with Jacksonville Transportation Authority to offer a shuttle service in Downtown, Riverside, and Avondale. So, we’ve finally caught on to the trend parts of Europe has had since the 30’s and we're not the only ones! Check out this full list of the best tuk tuk tours around the world from our friends at Tuk Tuk Ride Paris!

Other Ways To Use A Tuk Tuk

There are also other ways to use a tuk tuk these days! We have transformed one of our Tuk Tuks into a wonderful mobile bar for private and corporate events. We collaborated with a company in Colorado called Tuk Fab, Inc. to create our one of a kind masterpiece. In addition, tuk tuks are being utilized for brewery toursscavenger hunts, and much more in cities around the United States.


U.S. companies are at the forefront of providing fun and unique transportation options while helping to protect our environment. Stephanie Dale, our Chief Tuk’n Officer, says all of these factors are why she is obsessed with the eco friendly vehicles with the funny little name of a “tuk tuk”. You too will become a raving Tuk’ee fan once you hop on board the Go Tuk’n tuk tuks!

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August 24, 2020

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