Downtown Jax City + Drinking Experience Tour

The Downtown Jax City Tour and Drinking Experience Combo (5-hours) is one of our client’s favorite combos. After the Great 1901 fire, our city was blessed to have some of the world’s best architects of the day help us rebuild. See the memorials and so much more history as well. PLUS 3 to 4 stops for delicious beverages. A wonderful way to spend time!

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Downtown Jax City + Drinking Experience Tour

Downtown Jax City Tour is all about the business architecture after the great fire of 1901, memorials, the city history, and of course the latest information on upcoming transformational projects in the city. PLUS, 3 to 4 stops for a few adult beverages. You can also pre-purchase from us your wine, Sangria, Prosecco, or beer to create a Sip & Ride™ experience along the way. It is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening with friends and family!

*Please note: The cost of the food & drinks are in addition to the booking price.


per person
$10 savings!

1 private tuk – 6 people

2 private tuks – 12 people

3 private tuks – 18 people

4 private tuks – 24 people

2+ tuk tuks have a 20% gratuity built into the price